The purpose of is simple. Yield aggregator for lending platforms that rebalances for highest yield during contract interaction. supports;
  • $DAI
  • $KNC
  • $ETH
  • $USDC (Coming soon)
  • $USDT (Coming soon)
  • $TUSD (Coming soon)
  • $BUSD (Coming soon) LP pools
  • $uFFYI-ETH LP Revenue share pool
FFYI Revenue Share Pool: The FFYI Revenue Share pool(FFYI RS) has been designed to reward FFYI holders, the governance token of It does so by charging a fee when claiming rewards, which will then be shared between all the FFYI holders staking in the FFYI RS Pool.
How it works:
There will be a fee of 0.5% levied when claiming rewards from the ETH pool (and on all future pools) that will be distributed to FFYI holders. Every 40320 blocks, roughly one week, the levied fee will be distributed to all FFYI holders that are staking.
In the event that FFYI holders don’t claim their rewards, it will go back to the pool and get redistributed during the next distribution event. This is all done by the smart contract and no single party or the developers can influence or control this process.
Blockchain interoperability (Under development);
  • $BTC (Coming soon)
  • $LTC (Coming soon)
  • $DASH (Coming soon) aggregates;


How to add liquidity to the LP pools

  • Head to Uniswap.
  • Switch to the Pool tab.
  • Click Add liquidity.
  • The base should already be ETH, but if not, select ETH.
  • Below, click on Select a token and search for FFYI or uFFYI (Search the contract address if not found: 0xca76BAa777d749De63Ca044853D22D56bC70bb47 or 0x021576770CB3729716CCfb687afdB4c6bF720CB6)
  • Now enter the amount of ETH and FFYI/uFFYI you are going to add to the liquidity pool.
  • Add the liquidity to the pool and you’ll receive ETH-FFYI UNI-V2 LP or ETH-UFFYI UNI-V2 LP tokens — these can later be redeemed to retrieve your tokens once you have finished staking on
  • Stake ETH-FFYI UNI-V2 LP or ETH-UFFYI UNI-V2 LP tokens and get rewards in uFFYI.

How to use it

Simply go to and deposit $DAI, $USDC, $USDT, $TUSD, and or $ETH are (coming soon) and start earning interest on your tokens.
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